Have you noticed that constant change is the one sure thing in your life?
Yet, so many of us fear and resist change.

Why are we so afraid of change?

What can we do to embrace it?

Maybe if we understand that it is inevitable and is the essence of all things around us, we will be able to start accepting it as is. In Buddhism, it is referred to as “The Impermanence of all things”. Our body changes all the time, our inner cells die, and being recreated in an enormous speed; the leaves on the trees in our backyard change their colors than fall. Our kids are growing, leaving home to pursue their own lives – Change is everywhere. What happens when you resist it? It persists, why? because you are sending energies to the exact thing you wish to get rid of, however instead it stays and takes a more substantial part in your life, until you allow to let it go, accept. Only then it leaves and you can move on.

whereas if you embrace change, whether in your body, life, work, relationships, you allow the energy to flow on its own accord, and even if it creates some discomfort in your life when you accept it, it’s soon shall pass.

For me, the yoga mat serves as a micro lab for real life. Practicing yoga for almost 16 years, helped me cope with some major changes in my life and taught me the valuable lesson of embracing change. Every time I sit on my mat, something new arrives and I have to observe it, accept it and work with it. It may be a physical discomfort in my knee, an “asana” (yoga pose) that suddenly becomes more difficult or easy to perform, or a new understanding of an instruction that opens a new depth in my own practice. If you have a regular yoga practice, or even if you just started, you too can enjoy the option of learning these life lessons on the yoga mat, when it is only you and yourself. once you accept what is on the mat, you can bring it into your daily life. You start accepting the changes in your body, your life, your career, your interests, weather, politics and so on.

Hope to see you on and off the yoga mat, in the weekly classes, courses, and retreats.

Liat Philipson,
Live, Love, Embrace Life


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