Dear Friends,

2016 is about to end, how was it for you?
Have you had an opportunity to conclude the year?
Did you quietly observe what indeed you wanted this year to be for you, and how it unfolded?
Which are the doors that are ready to be closed so new ones can be revealed to you?

Here in the US it is very common to work on a New Year resolution, putting in a list of all the things you need to do. I suggest, let’s make it deeper and do it together. Let’s try to figure out what is it that we truly want from the depth of our hearts, not only on the physical-material level, but throughout all levels.

How do we do it?
We use simple meditation techniques that allows you to dive deeper within yourself and get a glimpse of who you truly are, a human being filled with light and love that wants to shine.

In a week from now, people all over the world will celebrate Christmas. I, as a Jew, will join my fellow Jews around the world and celebrate Hanukah, which is all about a miracle that lasts for eight days and happened so long ago. But miracles still happen all the time; however in this busy life we lead, it has become hard to notice them.

I’d like to invite you to my unique workshop: Discover Wishes and Dreams, that will take place on Thursday December 15th at 20:00 PM till 23:00 PM. This is not a yoga workshop, actually we are not doing anything with the physical body, but more with our minds and our hearts.

The cost of this workshop is only 40$ and it include fresh “Sufganiot” – Hannuka doughnuts, coffee and tea and all the the materials to create your beautiful personal vision board.
Women who attended the workshop before, will enjoy 50% off, just remember to bring your vision board.
Please text me: 678-814-9122 to save your spot.

Happy Holidays,

Liat Philipson


Live, Love, Embrace Life


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