In the past, I used to suffer a lot from different health problems such as horrible migraines, difficulty to breathe, multiple sinusitis every time weather changed and more. Whenever something felt wrong in the body, I was looking, like most of us, for the special doctors, get the diagnosis followed by a prescription, which for me, most of the times was either antibiotics for my sinuses or a strong pill for my constant headaches. None worked, it would just make my body weaker, sensitive and unbalanced, then a few weeks or months later everything starts over.

10 years ago, when I started taking Yoga more seriously, practicing a few times a week, things started to shift and changed for the better. I have found that my body looked and felt better and that I hardly suffer from headaches or sinusitis anymore. As time passed, I deepened my Yoga and Meditation practices, I was able to notice when my body was getting out of alignment. By that time, I didn’t see any medical doctor for a few years, and was looking for something else, a “wholistic” approach (that sees me as a whole), that will bring back the equanimity to my body, mind and soul. I have found the answer in a few different holistic methods, that I have been using for many years now, along with my yoga practice, for myself and everyone else who approached me for help, in cases which Western Medicine did not have all or any answers.

This week, I’d like to introduce you with Chinese Medicine which is the prevention of disease and maintenance of health. You probably heard it before, In china, Chinese Medicine doctor was paid a retainer to keep his patients healthy; However, if a patient became sick, the doctor would not be paid until the patient’s health returned. You can read and deepen your knowledge, I can tell you with all my heart, it works. Usually it’s the combination of acupuncture (tiny sterile needles) and herbs in the form of pills that opens the blockages and allow Chi – Life Energy to flow better and the body to align and heal itself.

Here in GA, I was treated by Sandra Moyer, she helped me and some of my friends to bring their body into alignment and be able to conceive. Her specialty is Women Cycle (all of them). I heard, she injured her hip, so I send her all the healing wishes and hope she started treating patients again. Sandra Moyer, North Point Acupuncture (678) 624-1242. For the whole family, I would highly recommend Chinese Medical Center by Dr. Li Tel: 678-232-5425. My mom went there when a Family Dr. diagnosed her with Shingles and gave her a pill, she almost lost her conscious because of its side effects. Dr Li saw her immediately and assured her she doesn’t have this horrible disease. After the first treatment she felt so much better and by the next day forgot she had anything going on. She came for another treatment a week after and feels great since then. If you have never tried it before, I recommend you try, we all have places in our bodies that are blocked and would benefit a better flow of energy and movement.

Saying all that, I encourage you to add Yoga to your weekly activities, whether in the Gym, doing it online, or in a dedicated Yoga studio. Yoga is an ancient wisdom that survived thousands of years and works on balancing all layers of our body, mind and soul. With that in mind, I’m glad to tell you that I opened a new Yoga class dedicated for men only on Wednesdays at 7PM. Offer your spouse (or yourself) the opportunity to explore the gifts of this practice, I know you will thank me.

Liat Philipson
Live, Love, Embrace Life

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