Welcome to my In-Flight Yoga Guide, which includes easy stretches for your body, you can practice on your own in your next flight. Thanks Air Canada for allowing this!

I recently found myself on a very long flight to Hong-Kong (15 hours) and a few months before to India. I have noticed, that if I’m moving around, practicing my yoga stretches, I feel much better during the flight and especially after.

Use these simple Yoga poses to stretch your legs, arms, spine and chest to:
Allow Prana=life energy to flow
Release muscle tension
Increase blood circulation
Sooth the nervous system
Decrease anxiety
Relax your mind

Remember to stand up every now and then and walk, drink plenty of water, use belly breathing to relax, support your neck when you take a nap.

Let’s start with some standing poses, look for some quiet space at the back of the AP or when you wait for the bathroom:

Begin with some rolls of your hips, a few to each side.
Move into: Badanguliasana in Tadasana – Variation of Mountain pose with the arms up. Repeat with interlaced fingers, raise the arms above your head. Do the same with arms behind your back.
Gomukasana – Cow face pose: Lift the right arm up, bend at the elbow, turn the left arm behind and grab the fingers. Change to the other side.

Pashimanamaskarasana – hands behind the back, open your chest.

Ardha Uttansana – stretch the side body and the back of your legs. Repeat with palms together, bend at the elbows, to deepen the stretch in your upper back and shoulders.

Half parshvottanasana – right leg forward, tows up, left leg back, hips parallel, stretch the arms up on the wall/door to extend the sides of your body, arms, back and legs.

Seated Poses:
While you seat, repeat, stretching the arms up.

Use your arms on the chair to coil and open your chest.

Bend one leg and put on the chair seat, twist to one side, then the other.

Do slow gentle 3 neck rolls clock wise, then counter clock, to release tension from neck.

Watch happy, inspiring movies, to expand your soul too.

Meditate upon your breath.

Enjoy a Safe flight!


ap-tadasana1ap-hands-behindap-pashimaap-gomukasana ap-ardha-uttansana ap-parshvotanasana ap-dog-with-hands-up ap-uttanasanaap-baddanguliasanaap-back-archap-closed-twist

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