Group Iyengar Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes with Liat are taught based on the teaching of B.K.S Iyengar. Classes take place in a quiet, spacious, light filled studio that is equipped with all the needed props (bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets). B.K.S Iyengar’s unique approach to teaching asana from its foundation level and using props to individualize an asana to meet each student’s need, allows for students of all ages and physical abilities to pick up the practice of yoga. Liat has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and has the experience and knowledge to take you into a journey that starts with your physical body – the most tangible layer into the subtle layers. Classes are held mostly in the evenings, and are open for women and men, in all ages and life stages.

Restorative Class for women

A deeply relaxing way of practicing Iyengar yoga, through props facilitating deep release in the connective tissue and calming the nervous system. This class is specially designed to address the needs of women at all life stages. The focus of the practice will be on breath, physical posture, visualization and meditation, facilitating a deep connection to the true self. Nurture your inner beauty and reconnect with your outer goddess. Perfect for beginners and all levels. Pregnant women our most welcome.

Pregnancy and beyond

For all stages of pregnancy and post-partum. Non-pregnant women also welcome to attend. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy is an ideal way to prepare the mind, body and spirit for this major change in your life. In this class we will practice poses to create space and strengthen the body for the challenges of pregnancy, labor and the first weeks of postpartum. Your practice will help instill you with confidence in the body’s ability to birth and mother. There are also sequences for menstruating or menopausal women or those with fertility issues.

*For women who struggle with fertility issues, we offer private weekly sessions, suitable according to the stage in which you’re in.

Restorative class

Group Iyengar class

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Iyengar Ropes

Pregnancy class

Pregnancy class