I’m happy that April is here and pretty sure Spring is here to stay. This is the perfect time of year to visit the big apple and enjoy all that it can offer.

I lived in NY and worked in Manhattan for 3 years, so I love coming back and some things never change, like the delicious food and remarkable service at Balthazar, the cool hidden Burger Joint inside the fancy hotel: Le Parker Meridian at 119 W 56th St (bring cash!)

Whenever I return to NY City, I always try some new places, along with the good old ones. I have gathered a list of the best recommendations from our recent Spring trip and highlighted their names:

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The First day, we started at Chinatown, we always return to Golden Mandarin Court at 61 Mott st. I would stick to the Dim-Sum from the ladies with the carts and the shrimp shumai is my favorite.

As a dessert, walk a few minutes toward “Nolita”, and stop at Vive La Crepe on Spring st. for a Nutella-Banana great french crepe.

At night time, if you are looking for a Broadway show on a budget, use this link for the latest info on how to get the lottery (some are online, some you need to be in person at the theater at 4:30-5 to put your name)

Yali and enjoyed taking the NY Food Tour of West Greenwich Village. In this area we had a marvelous pizza slice with Vodka tomato-creme sauce at “Artichoke“, best meatball at Tratoria Pesce Pasta on Bleeker st, amazing Zucchini filled with fresh mozzarella cheese at Palma – Italian restaurant on 28 Cornelia st. and a fresh healthy fresh coconut juice and it’s meat on Bleeker st too.

At night time, after we walked for a few hours, and become hungry again, we mat friends at this cool place called: Black Tap which serves unique burgers and amazing huge crazy milkshakes (definitely share with your friend).

If you are looking for some yoga, meditation or just a pause from the craziness and the fast pace NY city has to offer, take a class at the The Iyengar Yoga Institute of NYC – they have two locations and plenty of classes and great teachers to accommodate any level. If you are looking to try something different, go to Golden Bridge NYC and enjoy a Kundalini yoga practice, or hop into MNDFL two locations and sit in a guided meditation practice, to find the peace from within before heading back to the hustling city!

Whatever you do and wherever you are, have a great Spring Vacation and Happy Easter and Passover!

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