Romantic Getaway in the Mountains

Fall is definitely here, and just before Winter arrives and temperature drops dramatically, I’d like to share with you a nice place to spend some time off your “to do list” with your loved once. This time, I’d like to recommend a unique and romantic place to take your spouse. This place is suitable for a family too (if you rent a cabin), but it would be a perfect place for a nice quiet and romantic getaway.

Only three and a half hours drive from Alpharetta GA, you hit North Carolina. The area is well known for Bike lovers due to its famous road: The Tail of the Dragoon. Its a short 20 mile drive that comprises from more than 300 turns!

If your husband or wife like wheels, like mine, let them do the drive by themselves. If you have a convertible or another fast car, it’s even better. However, even if you just enjoy nature, like me, this is a gem. Reserve a room in the famous Historic Tapoco lodge. It’s been there for 200 years, but only in 2014 was reopened to the public. It is nestled in a lush wood, right on the Cheoah River in the Smoky Mountains. The lodge offers a movie theater at night time (no T.V in the room) and many trails to walk through during the day.

In the evening, after exploring the area, you may enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant right below, then sit by the fire-pit and make your marshmallows burn as much as you like, chat with interesting people from all over the world and enjoy the calming sound of the water.

If you are in a really romantic mood, pack a blanket and picnic basket of goodies (you can buy a basket at Target), add a fresh baked bread (Costco offer fresh baked Italian loaf), nice foreign cheese, olives, two glasses of wine and your favorite bottle and stop at one of the scenic roads on the way.

The most important thing, just enjoy BEING.

Liat Philipson
Live, Love, Embrace Life

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