A new month, a new season.

You all have noticed that spring has arrived, quite early I would say. It’s time to plant the seeds, plan and dream about the beautiful places you would like to explore in the upcoming months.

A few months ago, I visioned a SUP-Yoga retreat somewhere exotic. Today, I’m happy to share with you that it has come to fruition: I have found the perfect spot for my first S.U.P-Yoga Retreat outside GA at St. John US Virgin Islands.

Start visualizing yourself leaving all your worries behind:

♥ Chilling with a glass of cold white wine on our private pool overlooking Chocolate hole

♥ Swimming in crystal clear water

♥ Snorkeling in secluded spots

♥ Paddling in serene beaches

♥ Practicing meditation in our Villa’s porch overlooking the sea

♥ And so much more…

Ready to hear more?

Click here to get all the details of the retreat in the Caribbean Sup-Yoga Retreat page 

$ 100 discount for signing up and paying the $550 deposit before March 10th!

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