SUP-Yoga Retreat

In this amazing retreat, we combine the love of nature and the love of Yoga, we leave all our to do lists aside: children, work, chores and start connecting with ourselves and with 12 other amazing women, just like us.

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It’s a short retreat but very intensive and full of surprises. We meet by the lake for a sunset Sup-Yoga experience. Later, we get ready for the night, settle in the tents I provide and sit by the warm bonfire. While I prepare a delicious dinner on the bonfire, called “Poike”, we are getting to know one another on a deeper, yet fun level and this is just half of it…

This retreat is also perfect as a private group or company activity.



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Discover Wishes & Dreams

In this new and exciting workshop, Liat is going to introduce you to the amazing laws of the Universe, explain how it works and in what way you can use it to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Liat will guide you how to dive inward using different tools like Guided Meditation to get a glimpse of what you really want and who you truly are.

The last part of this fun and open minded workshop is the actual creation of your own private Vision Board.

The length of the workshop is 3 hours. No previous experience is needed.

Call Liat today to order this uplifting and unique workshop for your team at work, your clients, your close friends.

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Basic Meditation Course

Many people are recently asking me about meditation. They would like to start meditating, but they don’t know how, or they have heard good things about it and they are curious. This is exactly the purpose of this basic meditation course: 4 weekly sessions that will hopefully cover everything you wanted to know about mediation and never asked: What is Meditation all about?, Why meditate?, How to sit?, When and where to do it? and much more. It starts soon, to ensure your spot, call today.



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Partner Yoga Workshop

In this 2 hour workshop, we bring people together through movement, play, breath, and touch. It can be practiced by any two people (couples, friends, mother and daughter) and is a great way to strengthen a relationship by fostering trust and communication. Great for sweet 16 b-day party – up to 20 teens, or even work associates or managers groups.



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