Third Meditation Course will be held in Jan-Feb 2019

Basic Meditation course – Everything you wanted to know and never asked! One of my amazing Yoga teachers along the path once said: “If you would like to know something, learn it. But if you want to master it, go ahead and teach it”. This is exactly what I intend to do with you. I do not see myself as a meditation teacher. I’m a long time practitioner, I have studied and practiced (and will always be a student in this path) with many great teachers and masters and would like to share my knowledge and experience so far, as well as to share the challenges and how to overcome them along this journey.

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Many people are recently asking me about meditation. They would like to start meditating, but they don’t know how, or they have heard good things about it and they are curious. This is exactly the purpose of this basic meditation course: 4 weekly sessions that will hopefully cover everything you wanted to know about mediation and never asked. Here are some of the topics we will cover in our weekly sessions:

* What is Meditation all about?

* Where is it coming from?

* Why meditate?

* How to sit?

* When and where to do it?

* How often?

* How long do you meditate? and more…

We would also explore and practice different types of Meditation from various traditions. I personally believe that different people needs different methods of learning. I once read that there are as many ways to meditate, as the number of people on this Planet. This is the reason I would like to introduce you with a variety of ways, so each participant can choose and continue to practice and further explore the type or method which suits him/her the most.

We will meet every Monday at 7 O’clock sharp and end by 8:30. Please come a few minutes early, so we can start on time. Wear comfortable clothing, as we would sit on the floor (using cushions), if possible. If you have any medical condition, you could always practice by sitting on a chair. The cost is: $100 for all 4 sessions.

Space is limited, to save your spot, please sign up by using this Paypal link below: Pick the drop in class now and the rest at the end of the first session, cash or checks: .

For more information or questions, contact me at: 678-814-9122.

See you on the mediation pillow 🙂


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