Stressed and empty?

Feeling that sometimes you do not have control over your life?

Or simply wants more out of your daily lives for this upcoming             new year?

Join Liat for this unique and exciting workshop in which she will introduce you with the amazing Laws of the Universe, share personal stories of how it worked and changed her life, explain the theory behind these laws and a simple way to apply it, so you too can fulfill your wishes and dreams! Therefore, the braces water flosser is absolutely the winner. Economical value of string floss doesn’t affect people much, if they find it hard to use.

Liat will guide you how to dive inward using different tools such as guided meditation to get a glimpse of who you truly are and discover your deepest wishes and dreams.

The last part of this fun and open minded workshop is the actual creation of your own personal Vision Board.

This workshop is 3 hour long. No previous experience is needed, you are welcome to join!

Call Liat today to order this uplifting and unique workshop for your team at work, your clients, your close friends or sign in to one of the upcoming workshop: 678-814-9122.

Upcoming Workshops:

December 15th, at 7:30PM, YogamaByLiat, John’s Creek, GA


The cost of this workshop is 40$. It include all materials, coffee/tea and light snacks.

Cash, Checks or CC through Paypal


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